Inkze is a renowned label manufacturing company in Delhi. Our extensive range of plain self-sticking labels is supplied to various industries across India. Our client network is spread across cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, and many others. Our high-quality labels are catering to the needs of packaging, pharma, food, chemicals, and lots of other business segments. The labels we supply carry superior quality adhesive for easy and durable sticking.

We supply labels for packaging and barcode stickers in roll or sheet form. The label sheets or rolls are designed to fit the top barcode printers and routine printers. The labels are simple to stick and produced in various sizes.

Self-Adhesive Labels

Self-adhesive labels are in growing demand from various industries. Labelling is an integral part of packaging and supply. Besides our standard sizes, we can also deliver labels in a variety of customized sizes to suit your printers and products.

  • 1
    Finest quality labels
  • 2
    Best adhesive property
  • 3
    Suitable for various packaging solutions
  • 4
    Designed to fit top printer types
  • 5
    Lowest best price
  • 6
    Available in a variety of sizes and quantitiesAvailable in a variety of sizes and quantities
  • 7
    Damage-free label sheets

Inkze supplies label rolls and sheets in bulk as well as minimal order quantities. The inventory of our standard size labels is always ready to serve our clients during immediate requirements.

Industries We Serve

Industries in India require self-sticking in form of standard plain labels or customized labels. Our labels are used for product identification by numerous industries in India. We are catering to the labelling needs of all different industries. Some of the major ones are listed here.

  • (i)
    Pharmaceutical industry
  • (ii)
    Packaging industries
  • (iii)
  • (iv)
  • (v)
  • (vi)
    Export-import industries
  • (vii)
    Shipping industry
  • (viii)
    Chemical manufacturing factories
  • (ix)
    Plastic industry
  • (x)
    Food and confectionary
  • (xi)
    Textile industries And many more.

The labels we supply are simple to stick and store. We provide well-packed labels neatly and evenly presented as rolls or sheets.