We are a leading supplier of printer additives for inkjet printers in India. The printer additives are widely used in the printing of pouches, sachets, and packs. We are supplying to the packaging industry spread across different cities. Our cost-effective range of printer makeup products is compatible with different inkjet models.

In every advanced economy, printing is one of the most prominent industry. Besides media and stationery, printing has great importance for the packaging industry. Giant industries like pharmaceuticals and food widely use the printing technologies. The printer additives are mostly used to print on plastic pouches, wrappers, HDPE/PPE bags, plastic laminated bags and pouches, sachets, and asbestos.

Inkjet Printer Additives

Developing ink that works on all types of surfaces and on all the presses is difficult. Additives help in balancing and adjusting the drying process for specific results. Our group of additives help printers to adjust the ink for a specific press condition.

The additives can be simply added to the inks to control the drying process. Our printing ink additives contain the superior quality of driers that control various properties of the ink. Additives are added to ink either to reduce the drying process or increase resistance. Additives in printer ink also help ink distribute on the surfaces evenly. They also increase the setting capacity of the inks. Some additives also boost the diffusion of the pigments present in the ink.

Our Strengths

We are equipped with vast infrastructure that let us make quick supplies against every order. Our clientele is spread across many cities like Chandigarh, Haryana, Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, and Hyderabad.

All our products are tested for high quality and standards. The products are easy to operate and checked for every parameter of performance. With longer shelf life offered by our products, our customers save huge on printing solutions.

Contact us to get more information on our range of printer additives for inkjet. Our additives are best to alter the behaviour of the ink. You can let the printer ink work as you want. You will be able to obtain an appealing effect on plastic films, pouches, and other such surfaces. We offer a variety of additives for adding to inkjet printer ink. Our friendly sales team will help you to get the right kind of print additive according to the task you want the ink to do.