Thermal Transfer Overprinting Ribbons

Inkze manufactures a complete line of Thermal Transfer Ribbons that deliver excellent high-resolution imaging on a variety of packaging materials.

Inkze TTO ribbons gives a guaranteed performance with superior quality of print on a wide range of materials. The Thermal Transfer Ribbons are engineered to give excellent and faster prints on synthetic as well as paper materials.

We are one of the leading suppliers of TTO ribbons in India catering to major industries like pharmaceuticals, food, and healthcare. The ribbons will provide black quality for all large and small text and logo printing.

Thermal Transfer Overprinting Ribbons

Inkze TTO ribbons range to cover different types. Each of the types is available readily to suit applications like snacked bags, glossy labels, frozen packed foods, soup packages, films, and glossy packages.

  • 1
    Wax/ Resin

Wax/Resin format ribbons are the most durable and offer good resistance against adverse conditions like scratches, heavy contacts, and heat. The ribbons are made from the combination of wax and resin. These are best suitable for smooth glossy materials and synthetic materials. These ribbons give greater printing speed.

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Resin TTO ribbons give excellent resistance even in harsh conditions and are also extremely durable. This type is the most suitable for highly glossed coated materials like glossy labels, polyesters, garment labels, labels used on drums/carboys of chemicals, and pharmaceutical labels.

Best Features of our TTO Ribbons

Our TTO ribbons are of winning quality with premium benefits. We can offer customized TTO ribbons as per the application and size requirements.

  • (i)
    Most competitive price
  • (ii)
    Available in bulk requirement or smaller units
  • (iii)
    Finest quality of the smudge-free print
  • (iv)
    Suitable for flexible packaging solutions
  • (v)
    Best for graphical and code printing
  • (vi)
    Proof against scratches and heat
  • (vii)
    Break-free seamless ribbons

Our Expertise

We are specialized in supplying TTO ribbons with a strong backing of our expert staff and infrastructure. Our team of experienced engineers have insight into the suitability of different types and sizes for different applications. With us, you will not have to get stressed regarding compatibility of the ribbon with specific packaging application.

Our dedicated engineers and quality control managers ensure high quality is supplied to our customers. Besides quality and consistency in supply, we value our customers with high level of customer care support.

Packaged materials are often exposed to a variety of conditions during storage and transportation. Our TTO ribbons produce print quality that is durable against heavy contacts, heat, solvents, and chemicals. Our special resin ink formula used in ribbon offers the best imaging for various packaging films, labels, and pharma/food grade pouches and sachets.

The ribbons send out clear and dark legible images or text with high resistant in adverse environments like moisture and scratching. We have been supplying TTO ribbons to a high number of industries in India for many years.